Jeramy's Indianapolis Pictures, Part 2

These are pictures from my home city of Indianapolis. These are more recent than those found at the Other Indianapolis Picture Page.

An angel from the Crown Hill Cemetary.

A close up of the same angel.

A small angel from the same cemetary.

Close-up of a statue at Holiday Park.

A dancing woman statue in a fountain in a downtown park.

The same fountain--a closeup of the dancing children.

Here is the Indianapolis skyline at dawn, taken from the IUPUI campus.

Conversely, here is an Indianapolis sunset.

The reflection off of a mirrored building downtown.

A fountain made of musical instruments.

An image of 3 Greek mythical figures in a downtown nook.

A dry river in a southern Indiana State Park. This was taken while I was with my grandmother on her last trip outside of Indianapolis before she passed away.

A house along the Monon trail.

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