Jeramy's New Mexico Pictures

This is one of my all time favorite pictures, outside of Albuquerque (Sandias Mountains).

This is another picture of the Sandias Mountain rangeon the East side of Albuquerque.

Yet another view of the Sandias.

This picture is of a mountain a few miles from the hostel in Oscuro.

Another view of the mountain near the Oscuro Hostel.

A third view, and a closeup of the Oscuro Hostel mountain.

I like this because of the contrasting metaphors--cactus (desert/hot) and snow (water/cold). (north of Albuquerque)

This is cool frost that formed on a fence near Red Rocks Park in New Mexico

This is a double mountain in New Mexico. I like the green color in the foreground.

Different people have their own ideas about what this picture means--where the road goes to, is it getting darker or lighter, etc.

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