Jeramy's Arizona and California Pictures

These are pictures of several other trips I've taken (driving and biking).

This is taken from down inside the Grand Canyon

This is another contrast picture. It is of a peaceful looking church across the street from the shopping district in Beverly Hills.

These are cows! (central California)

This is on a mountain just north of Pasadena

This is a cool looking tree on a trail in the Petrified Forest (AZ).

This is an ocean picture. I hate water, but I like this picture anyway.

This is a picture of a mountain range just south of Biosphere north of Tuscon.

During July and August in Tuscon you can look around and see rain somewhere most of the time, but only in localized areas and for short periods of time.

These next two pictures aren't from California or Arizona. They are actually from the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. These trees have been killed by a virus and can be found near Clingman's Dome.

This is a wonderful sunset seen from Clingman's Dome.

OK--this is isn't from the southwest either. It is from a little rest park in Pennsylvania. I love the way the bland background brings out the red in this tenacious little tree.
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